Details make the difference! Read the article to get inspired by amazing floral arch designs. Choose your favorite to enrich your special wedding in Italy.


The choice of the floral arch for your ceremony has to be well-thought-out. You’ll soon realise how much the details make the difference. In fact, the floral arrangement will be the backdrop of the majority of your wedding photos, the ones you will look at over the years. They’ll be part of your memories.

The details, such as the colors and types of flowers chosen, will enrich the venue and enhance the atmosphere of your special day. For this reason, paying meticulous attention to the decorative points is very important.


One of the aspects we love the most about our work is helping our couples to choose a floral arrangement that reflects their desires, their personality, and their style.

Every set-up has its own characteristics and peculiarities. They are remarkably different from one another. With time and experience, we have learned to understand the wishes of our spouses and we help them create sets in line with their dreams.

The floral project has to be in harmony with all the other decorative choices related to the day of the event.
The style of a wedding floral arrangement is developed taking into consideration the following elements:

– style of the venue
– season
– wishes of the couple


#Let’s talk about Flowers

What is the right moment to start addressing the topic of flowers?
For the importance of matching the type of flowers with the general style of the wedding, it won’t be necessary to hurry in choosing these decorative elements.

The development of floral arrangements is a topic that we face when we had some months’ time to get to know the couple. When the complicity with the couple deepened over time.

Once on the same wavelength, it won’t be difficult to foresee the tastes and desires of our couples. We’ll then follow them through the most convenient choices and help them create the floral project.


During the selection of decorations step, we couldn’t do without a packed-out Pinterest folder!

It is important that the spouses have fun creating an inspirational folder where they can insert all the photos of floral arrangements that they like. It helps us understand which are the characteristics they prefer.

The folder, together with the answers to a series of questions that we’ll ask the couple, help us identify the mood and style of the future wedding event.

At a later stage, we will develop a moodboard to verify that both the couple and the florist are on the same book page.

Here are some photos of floral arches from our previous works!


#Shapes & Flowers

The arch can take many shapes: classic rounded, squared, others play on symmetries to create a very particular design effect.

The way the florist works with the flowers can lead to various results. As you can see from two of the previous pictures, although the arches are both round, the effect is significantly different. The final result depends on the type and quantity of flowers and on the art of the florist.

Another way of decorating a floral frame for the couple is using two columns. They can be twins or asymmetrical, surmounted by rich flower vases, or decorated along the entire structure from the base up. One more floral arrangement that we like to propose to our spouses is the one with decorations on the ground. A rich and well-decorated semi-circle of flowers that embraces the spouses makes the ceremony unique and awe-inspiring.

To go into the details of the decoration, there are several kinds of greenery used to enrich the arch. From the bright green of ivy to the grayish greens of the eucalyptus, you can have fun choosing your favourites. As for the flowers, the choice is also wide: hydrangeas, roses, peonies, etc…

To sum it up, take your time to create a floral project you love. The shapes and colors you choose will personalize the arch of your ceremony giving a unique touch to the whole atmosphere!