The romantic shores of Lake Orta have always been among the most sought-after Italian venues for couples wishing to organise and celebrate their wedding in Italy. This is a wonderful and exciting experience for a Wedding Planner too. Not only Italian couples consider this the right place for their big day. Many foreign brides and grooms look for the opportunity to say “I do” in this magical atmosphere.

Wedding on Lake Orta – Villa Crespi

This was also the choice of a Swiss couple who decided to have their special wedding day on Lake Orta. They selected Villa Crespi as the venue for the event. Villa Crespi is an enchanted place with strong Middle Eastern influences.

Villa Crespi, was built in 1879 and is now a hotel full of charm, managed by the Cannavacciuolo family. Art and history come together to create a magical combination. It is the perfect location for an exclusive wedding,where you can take in an atmosphere hovering between the past and the present, characterised by a combination of antique furniture and contemporary elements masterfully set in the three reception halls and veranda.

Besides its unique beauty, one of the key strong points of the Villa is its restaurant, where the celebrity chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo expresses his skill and creativity in preparing culinary delights.

Color palette and details

The location was a crucial choice for the Swiss couple to ensure that their wedding celebration would be a success. But it was equally challenging for me, as Wedding Planner, to lend flair to the event and setting of the venue. I took care of each and every detail, such as the flower arrangements and lights. All the elements that were needed to create a unique atmosphere for an equally unique occasion.

From the choice of colours, we achieved perfect harmony among all the elements making up the setting of the wedding day. Pink, light blue, light green, and ivory are the colours the couple chose for the entire event. We masterfully combined them to achieve a style that was at the same time elegant and fresh.

Flower design

Above all, we have selected the flowers based on their shades and types in line with this colour scheme. The careful arrangement contributed to obtaining the desired effect. The use of hydrangeas, roses, and gardenias, combined with the green of olive branches, lent an extremely elegant and yet light and airy look to the wedding square-shaped arch, and to the centrepieces on the tables, also decorated with candles.

In addition, beautiful flowers framed the entrance of the bride walking up to the arch ready to say “I do”. The path started with two stands supporting vases filled with flowers. The bride, accompanied by her father, made her way between two lines of pink petals resting on the green grass, right up to the arch where her husband-to-be was waiting. Other flowers, arranged in small bouquets, were on each of the chairs lining the walkway.

Last but not least, the bride’s bouquet and those of the bridesmaids were delicate and super-chic, with white and ultra-light pink flowers and a hint of green stalks and leaves underneath. At nightfall, an additional magical touch was provided by countless rows of tiny lights. They complemented the light fabrics placed all along the tensile structure.

A romantic and elegant wedding on the lake. The lightness of flowers and the delicacy of colours perfectly framed the special scenery of Lake Orta.

Are you also thinking of getting married on Lake Orta? Feel free to contact me. I would love to be your Wedding Planner in this astonishing Italian location. Make it happen…

Credits: “Photo 27”