The sun and the lapping lake water, surrounded by azaleas in bloom, embraced Marina and Vitaly’s Italian lake wedding, in evocative Italian Lake Orta which they chose together with the wedding planner Chiara Viarisio among all the wedding locations in Italy as the wedding location of their dreams.

The hotel fascinated them for its rooms filled with warm Italian summer colors and delicately decorated walls, coupled with the tasteful and masterly renovation done in such as way as to conserve the original stone walls.

Marina dedicated her first day’s stay to testing out the choice of her make up, whilst we, with the skilful help of a professional ironer and her puffs of steam, turned the fluffiness of her italian wedding dress into the texture of a swan’s feathers.

The heart of the tiny village and the square with its pier was the starting point, where the bride, on her father’s arm, boarded the boat that was to carry them towards the gardens and the Town Hall. The pier’s natural allure was enhanced by two garlands of white flowers.


The municipal building is a romantic 17th century italian villa, where wedding and ceremonies can be held in the tiny garden looking onto the lake. Marina, glided to Vitaly through a corridor of ribbons and flowers, as he waited for her with suspended breath in the open gallery.

The photographic coverage was done in the most picturesque corners of the village, whilst the guests made their way to the terrace adorned with a variegated buffet to delight their palates.

Dusk witnessed Marina and Vitaly in a fascinating choreography, to the delight and surprise of their guests, with Marina, light and floating in her wedding gown, taking on the semblance of a soft cloud floating across the skies.

The elegant four-piece band kept the atmosphere high and electric throughout the evening.

The star-filled night sky and an array of dainty candles set the scene for the cutting of the wedding cake.

The following day, the newly-weds and their guests took the boat to the island in the centre of the lake Orta to admire the magnificent façade from the banks. After a quick brunch they concluded with a trip on the tiny red train that shuttled them to the discovery of the Sacred Mountain of Orta, a Roman Catholic devotional complex.

The attention paid to each and every detail went to make Lake Orta an unforgettable Italian wedding location for Marina and Vitaly’s wedding.