As wedding planners, we love to create intimate weddings, this special one has taken place at Casa Scaparone.

It’s all about Family & Friends

Since they wanted to celebrate what is the unforgettable crowning of every love story, C&R wished to share the intimacy of emotions with the people they loved the most: family and friends. She is Italian and he is German and they live in South Africa and in Senegal so for their destination wedding they thought to return to the bride’s origins.

The bride was simply stunning in her wedding dress, made with love by Elena Pignata. The soft silk skirt reached the bride’s waist and a sash made with the same fabric emphasized it. Because the precious lace with floral embroidery decorated the bodice, the naked back was highlighted with great elegance.

Magical Venue Casa Scaparone

Casa Scaparone, the location chosen for the event, is a historic residence and is overlooking the vineyards of Piemonte. It’s a magical place of typically rural and rustic spaces. In this locatin where nature expresses herself elegantly, the couple  chose to sign their love with an intimate symbolic ceremony. The perfect place for the set up was the garden of the ancient villa.

The table for the symbolic ceremony was under a tall and imposing willow tree. The venue created a scenographic and captivating effect  by using an unsual detail: the chairs for family and friends were all of different shapes, but all exclusively made of wood. All these elements recalled the boho chic and natural style requested by the sposes.

After the symbolic ceremony, the couple and all their guests moved to the large courtyard of Casa Scaparone. On the ancient table, between barriques and plants of various kinds the venue set up the buffet aperitif.
An orchestra was in charge of the musical entertainment. From a corner of the courtyard they accompanied with great music the first toast of the newlyweds and their guests.

A Natural Atmosphere

Also the wedding dinner took place in the courtyard of Casa Scaparone. Long central garlands with white peonies, green leaves and tea lights decorated ancient and wooden tables. They decorated the imperial tables in the center and left naked without a tablecloth.


The tables were under a wooden structure, and strands of lights inserted around the beams created a cosy and romantic atmosphere.

The arrival of the night welcomed the cake cutting moment. The brightness of many candles was the only thing that interrupted the darkness of the evening. The light of the flames, so the rustic material of the wooden table on which the cake was placed and the darkness of the evening, created an exciting and absolutely romantic moment.

After the cake, the newlyweds and their guests moved inside the house, where the rhythm of music allowed everyone to keep having fun.

Ph: Cristina Gugnali