#Special venue, a wedding villa in Italy

The venue chosen for the marriage of Edoardo and Giorgia is a breathtaking wedding villa in Italy. Tenuta Berroni of Racconigi is a French architectural complex that allows you to immerse in the magical atmosphere of the Piedmontese eighteenth century.

In this place, the bride and groom have celebrated a symbolic ceremony, a reception, and a fun dancing evening.

To tie all the moments of the day, we’ve created a logo we’ve put on every detail of the event. A delicate picture of a bride and a groom hand in the hand with their little son, surrounded by a floral frame. The color chosen was pastel pink, dominant tonality throughout the floral wedding set-up.

#Heartfelt ceremony

For a perfect backdrop, the symbolic ceremony was set up in the Tenuta Berroni park, among the tall and ancient trees. There were white chairs and a majestic floral bow composed mainly of romantic English roses in different shades of rose.
In addition, there was a pretty fan on each chair. To customize the little fan, we put the logo on and a sweet phrase to pronounce during the ceremony.

The bride, accompanied by his dad and son Philip, arrived on a vintage Neoclassical car, the Excalibur, inspired by models in vogue in the 1920s.

#Floral decors

Three bridesmaids, dressed by Elena Pignata, have preceded the bride clutching a romantic bouquet. Their long lace suits with floral fabric have bring a further element of grace and freshness to the day.

To make moments magical, a string quartet played during the ceremony and entertained guests during the aperitif. The guests have enjoyed the refreshments in the front space of the villa.

Bon Ton’s catering have cared for the proposed food for the aperitif, organizing several islands. The proposals: the oysters place, the Goffri and a show cooking, created to give more lust for specific moments, involved and cheered all the guests.

A corner of the garden hosted two special banquets – a small surprise for the guests. In one of the corner, a make-up artist remodeled the makeup of the guests, and in the other, a hairstylist adjusted the hairstyles embellishing them with delicate pink flowers.

The tableau de mariage was over a vintage table. In other words, it consisted of small lovely cages containing logo cardboards surrounded with roses and ivy.

#Time to party

The floral design on dinner tables has created a very romantic atmosphere. The centerpieces were tall white candlesticks, embellished by a floral crown at the base. In addition, the composition was surrounded by candles that have created a magic luminous effect.

At the time of cutting the cake, the groom wanted to surprise the bride. He has chosen fireworks to create an intense moment intimate and romantic. During the dancing evening, the area was divided accurately. There was a bar counter for the open bar with a luminous decor and for the location of the Dj, we have chosen some decorations with the groom’s and bride’s logo.

Installing a photobooth has made this wonderful wedding party at Tenuta Berroni even more unbelievable and unforgettable.
Composed by a big moon, the photo booth snapped images where guests seemed seated on a slice of this bright aster. This party in Tenuta Berroni of Racconigi have go on in the best ways, alternating romantic and exciting moments and in a joyful atmosphere.

Ph: “Purewhite Photography
Venue: “Tenuta Berroni

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