One of the most exclusive wedding locations
on Lake Como is Villa Balbianello, which stands on the western shores of the lake and is the perfect venue for a wedding awash with luxury and romantic flair.

Built in 1770 by Cardinal Durini, this enchanting villa reveals all its splendour from the spectacular headland where it is located, surrounded by lush gardens and terraces. Villa Balbianello boasts a rich collection of Chinese, African, and Pre-Columbian art, precious 18th-century English and French furniture, and a small museum displaying documents and objects from its history. The Italian National Trust (FAI) looks after the villa and its terraced gardens, a true masterpiece dominated by the elegant loggia with three arches towering above the sloping headland. In agreement with FAI, Villa Balbianello is used as a stunning setting for various events – and it can obviously be turned into an exclusive backdrop for your wedding.


The ceremony might be on the terrace or under the beautiful loggia. With its unique balcony and spectacular view of the lake, the Villa is a perfect location for a romantic celebration or an elegant reception. Besides symbolic ceremonies, ceremonies with civil validity can also be organised from Mondays to Saturdays.

Wedding couples can choose from among different options: organising only the ceremony at Villa Balbianello, with a maximum stay of 2 hours; organising the ceremony and a small cocktail reception, with a maximum stay of 3 hours; or, lastly, organising the ceremony as well as a full dinner reception, with a total stay of 6 hours and the option to extend the reception until 2 a.m. for an extra fee.

The ceremony and reception can take place on the terrace or under the Loggia, depending on the number of guests.

#Wedding dinner and Party

For small parties, i.e. under 50 guests, the Villa can be hired without closing it to the public, which is the cheapest option and is available for afternoon weddings scheduled before 6 p.m. Conversely, for groups of 50 guests or more, access the Villa is exclusive to the wedding party and the ceremony can be organised every day of the week after 6 p.m. or on Mondays and Wednesdays starting from the early afternoon.

In case of bad weather, Villa Balbianello offers two small rooms. The Library houses over 4,000 books gathered in years of scrupulous research across the five continents, representing one of the most precious and comprehensive collections dedicated to mountain and polar expeditions. The Cartographer’s Room features a complete series of geographical maps, many of which were used by Count Guido Monzino for his explorations, while its walls are decorated with antique prints of local landscapes and views of Lake Como. The two rooms are located on either side of the Loggia and they are both available for weddings on Mondays and Wednesdays, when the Villa is closed to the public, while on the other days of the week, wedding couples can choose between the two.

The reception and dinner can be under the Loggia for parties of up to 45 guests. In case of larger wedding parties, the entire celebration will be in the Gardens of Villa Balbianello.

Villa Balbianello is open from mid March to mid November and you can reach it only by boat. The special trip on the boat will make the day unforgettable for you and your guests.

#Let’s talk about prices

Here is a pricelist, to help you choose the option that best suits your needs:

CEREMONY IN LOGGIA DURINI (symbolic or civil)

Up to 20 guests: € 2,200 while the Villa is open to the public.
€ 5,300 on Mondays and Wednesdays while the Villa is close to the public.
€ 5,300 on Saturdays.
50 guests: from € 3,600 to € 5,300 on Saturdays
Over 50 guests: € 5,900 while thew Villa is close to the public


Up to 20 guests: from € 2,500 to € 5,300
50 guests: from € 4,400 to € 5,300 on Saturdays
100 guests: € 7,900 while thew Villa is close to the public
Over 100 guests: € 79 per person while thew Villa is close to the public

CEREMONY + RECEPTION only while thew Villa is close to the public

Up to 20 guests: € 5,300
40 guests: € 7,900
70 guests on closing days: € 10,300
Loggia, 75 guests: € 8,000 (on request)
Loggia, 100 guests: € 23,000
Over 150 guests: € 230 per person

Villa Balbianello can also be the perfect setting for your wedding photos. A magical atmosphere and the amazing beauty of the natural landscape surround this charming place . If they wish to do so, the couple and their guests also have the opportunity to visit the gardens. Prices range from € 200 to € 400 (over 10 guests, and including admission to the Gardens).

Are you also thinking of getting married on Lake Como? Feel free to contact me. I would love to be your Wedding Planner in this astonishing italian location. Make it happen…