On the Garda Lake in a warm October day we organized Tatiana and Alexander Italian lake wedding. Here the weather is particularly nice even if you are surrounded by mountains. The temperature is mild and palms and lemon trees grow here. A little piece of Heaven for a marvelous wedding location!

We found a poetic hotel on the lake shores with a green lawn that falls into the lake water. Here we organized a symbolic ceremony: white chairs on the lawn, a white flowers arch and a small port in the background.

The Russian translator and the Italian celebrant, both they gave the deep value the ceremony deserved.

The poetry of the wedding culminate with the bride walking on the Italian lake shore. Here she let flow her emotions inspiring the photographer who took beautiful pictures.

The catering took place on the terrace: big white curtains, the evening lights, finely dressed tables and great fish dishes. The couple danced and sang with its guests on the music of an enthusiastic band. Friends and relatives through their sometimes funny and some other times touching speeches, expressed their love for the new couple.

The bride and the groom wanted to keep the customs of the Russian tradition: the Karavai, the ribbon cut, the glasses brake… so that every kind of wedding Orthodox, Jewish etc. can be lived continuing the traditions related to each belonging culture.

The Lake Garda shores have been the location for the peferct bride phooto shoot. She has got involved with semplicity in this magical atmosphere and has been able to play with the camera and with her veil. The effect was a magnificent photographs.

The arrival of the wedding cake was one of the most exciting moments of the wedding, with the soft light of candles the bride and groom are embraced for to the long-awaited cut. During a so important and romantic event can not fail fireworks that have surprised the guests and excited bride and groom.